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 Tax Considerations for Timberland Ownership

Tax Tips for Timberland Owners  Timberland ownership can provide significant tax benefits.  Taking advantage of those tax breaks requires planning and proper record-keeping.  This document contains an overview of the most important tax considerations.

Setting up the Books for Timberland Ownership  Important information about setting up capital accounts for timberland.

Timberland Taxes - Deductions and Depreciation  An overview of current expenses and deductions allowed under IRS rules.

Establishing a Timber Basis  The future tax consequenses of a timber sale can be minimized by establishing a timber basis.

Tennessee Greenbelt Brochure  Many timberland tracts qualify for very favorable property tax assessment under the Tennessee Greenbelt Law.

General Timberland Topics

Forestland Classification and Evaluation on the Western Highland Rim A detailed discussion of the landforms found in the Western Highland Rim area of Middle Tennessee and how those landforms influence the timber production potential of a site.